The carbon cycle

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The carbon cycle

Main process that removes carbon dioxide from the air is photosynthesis

processes that return carbon dioxide to the air is burning fossil fuels,respiration,decay.

The constant cycling of carbon is nature called the carbon cycle. The molecules that make up living things are based on carbon atoms combined wirh other elements.

Carbon dioxide is removed from the enviroment by green plants and algae from photosynthesis. Plants use it to make carbohydrates fats and protein which make up the bodies of plants and algae. As plants are eaten by animals, and they in turn are eaten by other animals, carbohydrates, fats and other carbon compounds are passed from one organism to another.

The processes that return carbon dioxide back into the enviroment are:

  • combustion:when fossil fuels are burned
  • respiration:when animals, plants and microbes respire, some of this is released into the air
  • decay:when plants,animals and algae die, their body parts are broken down and released into the atmosphere as cabondioxide
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