The carbon cycle

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  • The carbon cycle
    • Energy in the carbon cycle
      • Energy is transferred in the carbon cycle.
      • During photosynthe-sis energy from sunlight is transferred and stored as chemicals in carbohydrates.
      • Some of this energy is transferred to other organisms (such as animals/dec-omposers) when they feed on the plant
      • Some of the energy is wasted, heating the soil and the air.
    • The process of the carbon cycle.
      • Animals, plants and decomposersall interact with each other in the carbon cycle.
      • Photosynthe-sis converts carbon dioxide into carbohydrateand other food molecules such as proteins.
        • Carbon dioxide + water = glucose + oxygen.
      • When animals eat plants or other animals the food goes into their cells and is broken down by respiration.
        • Glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water.
      • Carbon dioxide is returned into the air when animals breathe out.
      • Plants and micro organisms also respire.
      • Some dead organisms do not decay they become buried and compressed, deep underground and change into fossil fuels.
      • Carbon dioxide is returned to the air again when wood or fossil fuels are burnt (combustion).


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