The Biological Approach Key Assumption 1

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Biological Assumption 1- Importance of Genes

We inherit 50% of our genes from our mother, and 50% of our genes from our father. These genes are important as they help determin our personalities, abilities and behaviour. physical abilities can be seen as being able to roll your tongue. this is determined by one gene only, this is unusual for pychological variables. in general pychological variables are the product of the combination of genes or the interaction between genes and the environment. using the influence of genes with the environment we are able to identify the potential influence of mental health for example schizophrenia. our genes are inherited and passed down through generations. Darwin said that our genes survive through the 'survival of the fittest'  Darwin proposed that all life forms have evolved to suit their ecological niche. this therefore meant that the environment for example- habitat, food and the climate have influenced a life form and whatever gene has helped that generation, this meant that the fittest gene will be passed down to the next generation in order for them to survive. 

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