The Big Three

what the people of Britain, France and the USA wanted from the treaty of Versailles.

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Britain (David Lloyd George) wanted...

Britain suffered from the war and therefore wanted;

  • Just punnishment
  • Germany to lose it's navy and colonies 
  • Germany and Britain to become trading partners
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Britain (David Lloyd George) did not want...

What Britain did not want was...

Germany to be punnished so much that it would want revenge.

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America (Woodrow Wilson) wanted...

America suffered less and therefore, wanted to stay impartial. America wanted ...

  • a more peaceful world
  • a league of nations which would help promote world peace
  • the right to self-determination
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America (Woodrow Wilson) did not want...

What America did not want was...

  • Another war
  • Weak nations
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France (George Clemenceau) wanted...

France suffered badly and therefore wanted...

  • To cripple Germany so it couldnt attack France again
  • Germany to be broken into smaller states (weakened)
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France (George Clemenceau) did not want...

What France did not want was...

To be attacked by Germany again

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