the 'big 3s' aims

a breif description on the aims of the 'big 3' from the letts revision guide

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Georges Clamenceau - prime minister of France

Clamenceau wanted 3 main gains for france:

  • revenge: in 1870 france had lost the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. It was a main aim that these two areas should be returned, but in every part of the settelment, Clamenceau wished to be as hard as possible on Germany
  • reparations: France had been invaded, her towns and industry destroyed and millions of people were killed or injured. Germany must pay for these damages and for the French war debt.
  • security: France must be garanteed that Germany would be weakened so ahe could never invaade France again. Clemanceau aimed to take both the Saar and the Rhineland to strengthen Frances easten border, while enforcing diarmament of Germany
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David Lloyd George - prime minister of Britain

He knew knew that as britains biggest trading partner before 1914, the destruction of Germany would not be the British interest long term. He intended that Germany should: 

  • lose her colonies overseas to end rivalry with Britain and France
  • Lose her naval power to leave Britain in comand of the seas
  • repay britains war debt 
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Woodrow Wilson - president of the USA

Wilson aims are found in his fourteen points. However, these would demand US involvement in Europe for the future when many americans wanted to withdraw from World Affairs.

  • No secret treaties between countries
  • Free access to the sea for all
  • Free trade between countries
  • Disarmament by all countries
  • colonies to have a say in their own future
  • German troops to leave Russia
  • Belgium to be independent
  • France to regain Alsace-lorraine
  • Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted
  • Self-determination for peope of Eastern Europe
  • Serbia to have access to the sea
  • Self-determination for people in the Turkish empire
  • Poland to be independent with access to the sea
  • A league of nations to settle disputes between countries
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