Treaty Of Versailles

Revision for the Treaty Of Versailles.

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why was the treaty set up ?

  • The Treaty Of Versailles was a peace treaty that aimed to keep peace between countries after World War 1.
  • The Treaty was signed in June 1919
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The Big 3

' The big 3 ' were the 3 most dominant leaders within the treaty. The big 3 were ;

  • David Lloyd George ( Britain )
  • George Clemenceau ( France )
  • Woodrow Wilson ( USA )
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George Clemenceau

  • George Clemenceau was the prime minister of France.
  • France had been badly affected by WW1 and Clemenceau wanted revenge against Germany.
  • His Aims were ;

- To make Germany Pay for what they had done to France ( large amount of reparations )

- He seeked revenge and to punish Germany

- He wanted to crush Germany so they were powerless

- He wanted Alsace Lorraine In Germany ( land )

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David Lloyd George

  • David Lloyd George was the prime minister of England
  • British people were bitter towards Germany after WW1 so Lloyd George's aims for the treaty reflected the publics views.
  • Britain has been relatively badly affected by the War and they also wanted things from the Treaty. His aims were ;

-He wanted to justly punish Germany for what they had done.

-His wishes were a mixture of Wilson's and Clemenceau ( punish but not too harshly )

-He wanted to punish Germany but not so much they one day they might seek revenge against Britain.

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Woodrow Wilson

  • Woodrow Wilson was the President of the USA
  • USA had not been badly affected by the war meaning Wilson's wishes from the treaty were not as bitter towards Germany.
  • His aims were ;

- He wanted to set up the League Of Nations

- Didn't want to damage Germany as a country

- Believed if the treaty was too harsh towards Germany, when the country had re-gained it's strength, it would seek revenge against the big 3 so Wilson was scared to punish Germany.

- World Peace was his key focus

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