The Rivals Quotations

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"Humdrum wedding"

"Zounds sirrah, the lady shall be as ugly as I choose"

"I am sure I hatedyour poor, dear uncle before marriage"

"saddled with a wife"

"tis safest in matrimony to begin with a little aversion"

"If you have the estate, you must take the livestock on it"

"My love? Nah, my damnation"

"Smithfield bargain"

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"never can be happy in your absence"

"For what quality must I love you?"

"humouring my romance"

"Love shall be our idol and support"

"My heart is engaged to an angel"

"A lady who likes him better as a half-pay Ensign"

"Why - then the cause of all this is L O V E. Love"

"Why a water spaniel could have done as much"

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Gentillesse & Deceit

"Master this honour seems to me to be a marvellous false friend"

"What the devil signifies right when your honour is concerned"

"Sir you over-power me with good breeding, he is the very pineapple of politeness"

"Commend me to a mask of silliness and a sharp pair of eyes for my own benefit beneath it"

"A little less simplicity, and a grain or two more sincerity"

"Would you have me tell a lie?"

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"Rich! Why I do believe she owns half the stocks"

"gowns-five; hats, ruffles,caps,etc.,etc.- numberless!"

"What and lose two thirds of her fortune?"

"How charming will poverty be with him!"

"If I did not want money, I would steal the mistress and her fortune"

"Exile never should be splendid"

"Myself made a mere Smithfield bargain at last"

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"Man's social happiness all rests on us...women guide the plot"

"My little Lydia"

"If you have the estate, you must take it with the livestock"

"Jack, her cheeks, her cheeks Jack"

"this is the natural conswquence of teaching girls to read"

"I have no wish for a daughter of mine to be a progeny of learning"

"Misspell and mispronouce words as shamefully as girls usually do"

"The evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge...those who fondle the leaves will long for the fruit at last"

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"Sir Anthony, you are an absolute misanthropy"

"Men are all barbarians"

"Been a slave to the caprice, the whim, the jealousy of this ungrateful Faulkland"

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