King Lear Quotes on Age and Love

Quotations from King Lear on the themes of age and love.

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Age Quotations


"conferring them on younger strenghts" on his duties

"Our eldest born, speak first" to Gonerill

"Old fond eyes"

"despised old man" of self during the tempest

"I am a very foolish, fond old man" to Cordelia in penitence

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Age Quotations Continued


"'This the infirmity of his age" of Lear

"O sir, you are old" at Gloucester's house, to Lear


"twelve or fourteen moonshines / Lag of a brother?"

"Wherefore 'base'?"

"oppression of aged tyranny" his words in 'Edgar's' letter

"the father should be as ward to the son" Edmond of Edgar's opinions

"The younger rises when the old doth fall"

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Age Quotations


"as may besort your age" of Lear's train

"enguard his dotage with their powers" of Lear's train


"old before thy time"


"I am too old to learn" to Cornwall (disguised as Caius)

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Love Quotations


"I love you more than word can wield the matter" to Lear


"Love, and be silent"

"my love's / more ponderous than my tongue"

"I love your majesty / According to my bond"


"she comes too short" of Gonerill's words

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Love Quotations


"stranger to my heart" to Cordelia

"Thou art twice her love" to Gonerill, using knights to quantify her love

"thou art a soul in bliss" to Cordelia in last Act

"I know you do not love me; for your sisters / Have... done me wrong"


"Love's not love / When it is mingled with regards that stands / Aloof from th'entire point"

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Love Quotations


"Yours in ranks of death" to Gonerill

"Neither can be enjoyed / If both remain alive" of Gonerill and Regan


"I hold you but as a subject of this war / Not as a brother" to Edmond


"My master calls me" of Lear

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