Roman Gods

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  • Roman Gods
    • Jupiter
      • throne, sceptre, thunderbolt (symbol of political power)
      • Head of the family, also known as Jove. Greek equivalent was Zeus. 
      • Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, in Rome on the Capitoline hill, new consuls performed sacrifice & the senate held their 1st meeting there each year. 
        • Home to the Capitoline Triad, the 3 key gods Jupiter, Juno & Minerva, a central temple in most cities
    • Neptune
      • Trident (shakes), dolphin, horses
      • Brother of Jupiter, god of the sea, Greek Poseidon. 
      • Sailors & fishermen, god of earthquakes.
      • God of horses (important to those going to the races). 
      • Control of the Mediterranean was essential to the Empire so he was vital for Roman power.
    • Vulcan
      • anvil & hammer
      • Greek Hephaestus, god of fire & metal working
      • Under Mount Etna,  married to Venus (unfaithful with Mars) When he found out he beat the red hot metal so hard with anger it caused an eruption. 
      • Vulcanalia  festival (23rd August) when fires were common in the height of summer.
    • Mars
      • Father of Romulus the founder of Rome. Romans believed they were all descended from him. 
      • Warfare was important for the survival of the Empire, he was second only to Jupiter. 
      • War, agriculture, protector of cattle,fields & farmers. His Greek equivalent was Ares 
    • Apollo
      • Music, arts, education, health & disease, prophecy, archery & the sun. 
      • Depicted as young man with short curly hair with a lyre or quiver.
      • Middle of July the ludi Apollinares games of Apollo were held in Rome.
    • Mercury
      • Greek equivalent was Hermes, shown with winged sandals & helmet. 
      • Holds a heralds staff entwined with 2 snakes. 
      • Travellers, traders, commercial profit & escorted the dead souls to the underworld.


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