Beliefs and sources of authority

Part 1

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  • Beliefs and Sources of Authority
    • Bible
      • Comes from Greek word Biblion meaning book
      • Roman Catholic Church recognizes 73 books in the Bible
      • The bible contains stories, prayers, prophecies, history, advice and poetry
    • The Old and new testament
      • Divided into two main units the old testament and new testament
      • A testament is an agreement or a promise
        • Old testament deals with the way God looked after the Jewish people
          • God  guided the Jewish throughout their history
          • Old testament contains laws, history books, wisdom books, (including prayers and psalms), and the prophets.
      • The new testament is based on the life and teachings of Jesus and the Apostles
        • Divided into four sections
          • Gospel
          • Acts of the Apostles
          • The letters (Epistles)
          • The book of revelation


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