The Bible

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  • Bible
    • What it is?
      • Comes from the Greek word 'Biblion' - meaning books
      • The RC church recognises 73 books
      • All Christians recognises 66 books
      • The Bible contains stories, prayers, prophecies, history, laws and poetry
    • Old Testament
      • Deals with the way God looked after the Jewish people before the coming of Jesus.
      • Contains laws, history books, wisdom books and the prophets
    • New Testament
      • Based on the life and teachings of Jesus and the Apostles.
      • 4 sections- 1) Gospels - actions and teachings of Jesus. 2) Acts  of the Apostles- events of the early Church. 3) Letters - show how to live. 4) The book of Revelation - Johns visions and the defeat of evil.
    • Different Interpretations
      • Fundamentalist- Bible is a factual historical record.
      • Literalism - Belief that every word of the Bible is literally true
      • Liberal - The authors were guided by God, human error is accepted. The bible isn't entirely accurate


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