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All the words you need to know from the designing section of the AQA syllabus


The size of a product in comparison with the user

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The addition of decorative components to enhance a design, e.g sequins, beads etc.

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Refining a design to make it better or easier to use

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Product Specification

All the instructions and information needed to produce a prototype

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Using fabrics to your advantage, e.g using heat/ steam/ stitching to change a fabric

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The making of a product; how it is made, e.g seams

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The tactile nature, or 'feel' of a product

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Altering your design or product so that it is more suited to the target market and purpose

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Manufacturing specification

A detailed set of guidelines - including instructions, diagrams and flow charts - to make a product

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Popular culture

Current fashion forecast; what the target market are interested in, e.g films, music etc.

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Trend board

A display similar to a mood board, which focuses on forecasting future trends

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Trend book

A book which is focused on future trends through the use of data and images

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Target Market

The group of people that your product is aimed at

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A display which designers use to communicate the style of designs

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