Exam Questions - 22nd June 2011

Questions which have a possibility of appearing in the 2011 exam - and model answers

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1. What would a designer need to find out about fa

  • Strength
  • Cost
  • Colour
  • Thickness/weight
  • Fibre content
  • Flexibility
  • Type of weave
  • Environmental impact
  • Aftercare
  • Dyeing
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2. How do computers help to design textiles produc

  • Creating 3D Representations of designs
  • Creating repeat patterns which can be printed onto fabric
  • Software packages help designers draw accurately
  • Rotating the design to view from different angles
  • Changes can be quickly and easily be made
  • Experimenting with colour and shape
  • Improve the quality of the design
  • Testing the design for flaws
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3. How can designers make products safe for childr

  • No loose fastenings or components
  • Use material which is not flammable or has a fire-retardant finish
  • No irritant fabrics
  • No toxic dyes
  • No parts which will strangle or choke the child
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