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purpose, context, comparision

  • purpose- to entertain
  • context- an extract from 'the man of property' where 2 couples are at dinner together, and one from each couple are secretly in love, about social interactions, and social class
  • possible comparision with- text 20, 'the importance of being earnest' on similarity of social class, and social interactions, tense atmosphere
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  • lots of references to "silence" to suggest a awkward atmosphere
  • "ventured" feeling anxious as he's aware of the tense atmosphere
  • phatic talk- "yes----the first spring day"
  • "brought" "removed" passive lexis when describing food, no colourful descriptions connoting negative, tense atmosphere
  • little description of food, only negative opinions "asparagus is very poor"
  • "horrid" "scornfully" negative lexis connoting anger, jealousy
  • "olives from France, with Russian cariare" food is foreign and wealthy showing their social class
  • "remarked" sounds critical reflects awkward atmosphere
  • "glorious sunset" suggests happiness and romance
  • "pale and old" negative connotations lifeness, anger
  • "cried" gives sense of fustration in having to leave
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  • repetition of "in silence" emphasises tense atmosphere
  • "can" in italics for emphasis to suggest a spiteful tone
  • "softly" repetition shows loving, caring nature
  • "if only---" ellipsis shows that she's thinking about something, wishful thinking
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  • "there isn't a breath of frsh air!" exclamatives show negative personbality and anger
  • "you'd better take a cutlet" imperatives dictating, unfriendly tone
  • "wonderful! the sent is extraordinary!" exclamatives show excietment when Phil is talking to Irene
  • short sentences when there are references to silence to show blunt tone and suggests Soame's unpopular "but no one answered"
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  • "Soame smiled a sneering smile" sibilence creates a sinister sound suggesting anger and jealousy
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Exactly what i needed! Thankyou so much! 5 stars from me! :) x

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