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Compare 2 texts that reflect the pleasures and fun of eating

Firstly, text 16 and 30 use positive lexis and superlatives to reflect the pleasures
of eating. Text 16 uses lexis such as "party wise" and "greatest". This gives the
text a positive feel to it, and also suggests that…

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Both text 16 and 30 use colour to connote energy and pleasure but text 30 uses
the characters in the picture to connote further enjoyment and energy.

Also, text 16 and 30 both use phonology to reflect the pleasures and fun of eating.
Text 16 uses onomatopoeia such as "snip"…

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In conclusion, both texts use various techniques to show that eating food can be
pleasurable and fun. They both, use positive lexis, layout and presentation, by the
use of bright colours and also the characters in text 30, phonology, and syntax to
show the food as fun and pleasurable, all…


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