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Terminal Velocity?

Terminal Velocity: maximum speed of an object, reached when the forces moving the object are balanced by its frictional forces

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Skydiver Terminal Velocity

  • Immediately on leaving the aircraft, the skydiver accelerates downwards due to the force of gravity. There is no air resistance acting in the upwards direction, and there is a resultant force acting downwards. The skydiver accelerates towards the ground.
  • As the skydiver gains speed, their weight stays the same but the air resistance increases. There is still a resultant force acting downwards, but this gradually decreases.
  • Eventually, the skydiver's weight is balanced by the air resistance. There is no resultant force and the skydiver reaches terminal velocity.
  • When the parachute opens, the air resistance increases. The skydiver slows down until a new, lower terminal velocity is reached.
  • The skydiver lands
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