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As Fast As You Can
By Rebecca Wallace…read more

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Three stages of falling
At the start, the object accelerates downwards because of its weight. At this point
there is no air resistance. The resulting force is acting downwards.
As it gains speed, the object's weight stays the same, however the air resistance
on the person increases. The resulting force is still acting downwards.
Finally, the persons weight is balanced by the air resistance. There is no resulting
force. The object reaches a steady speed, this is called its terminal velocity.…read more

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Terminal velocity
The forces on a falling skydiver
are gravity and air resistance.
Gravity is always the greater
force, however the forces are
equal when the parachutist is at a
constant speed, and the person
will speed up when the forces are
unbalanced. A body falling
through air will initially accelerate
due to the force of gravity.
Eventually the resultant force on
the body will be zero and it will at
it terminal velocity.…read more

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Velocity time graph
The forces level out and there is no resultant force When the skydiver jumps out of the
The parachutist is travelling at a constant
plane he is accelerating at a very high
speed speed, due to the force of gravity
pulling him down. The as he is
speeding up the air resistance force
increases, he carries on accelerating
as long as the air resistance is less
than his weight. Then he will reach his
terminal speed. The air resistance and
the weight of the parachutist become
balanced. When the parachute is
opened the large surface area
increases the air resistance. Then he
slows down as the forces become
Acceleration unbalanced. As the parachutist slows
down the air resistance gets less until
The forces are unbalanced and the strongest force is
acting downwards, gravity the forces are balanced and he falls at
terminal speed. Except this time it is a…read more

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·When an object is falling it gets faster
as it falls, this happens because their
Air resistance weight pulls the object down tot he
100N centre of the earth.
·To every force like gravity there is a
reaction force which in this case is air
Gravity ·The parachute which will be released
after free falling has a high magnitude
and as the parachute has a large
This person is at a constant speed as the
forces are balanced
surface area it will slow the skydiver
·When the skydiver collides with the
ground the friction and the resistance of
the skydiver and the surface will cause…read more

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Sources of information
· www.swcc.beds.sch.
uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/add_gateway/forces…read more


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