Origins of the Cold War

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  • Origins of the Cold War
    • USA and USSR had strong ideological differences
      • They clashed and caused mistrust and dislike between them. Felt threatened.
    • Yalta Conference
      • Germany into four, free elections, USSR against Japan
        • Provided provocation for tensions
    • Potsdam Conference
      • Roosevelt replaced by Truman, atomic bomb, Clement Atlee, Stalin wants more reparations
        • Trust issues
    • 6th August 1945- atomic bomb on Hiroshima
      • Stalin angry USA had kept it a secret. Mistrustful. Arms race begins
    • Rigged elections in Eastern Europe
      • USSR had gone against Yalta agreements. Raised suspicion
    • Truman Doctrine 1947
      • It became clear the USA were willing to put resources into stopping communism
    • Marshall Aid
      • Made USSR more determined to keep control over Eastern Europe
    • Berlin Blockade 1948-1949
      • Increased tensions. First tensions out in the open


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