The Yalta Conference (1945)

A usefull mindmap the shows the keys agreements made at this conference and how tension was beging to show.

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  • Yalta Conference (1945)
    • Background
      • Agrred on the same things as Teheran, but with some changes
    • Agreements
      • When germany was defeated it would be demiltarised + pay reparations.
      • Plans of who Europe would be rebuilt after the war
      • Nazi party banned and leaders would be tried at an international court.
      • UN would be set up
      • USSR declar war on Japan after Germany. Plans of how to divide up Japan.
      • Poland would be in the soviet sphere of influence.
    • Signs of tension
      • Although there seemed to be unity, there were disaggments.
      • Stalin belived that the only democratic goverment was cotmmunist.Rossevelt beileved in free elctions.
        • Although there seemed to be unity, there were disaggments.
      • The succes of the conference was due to Roosevelt's relationship with Stalin, Trumman was less will to comprimise which lead to more tension at Potsdam.


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