Swing Riots

Notes on the Swing Riots of 1830.

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What Happened?

Series of disturbances mainly in South and East of country.
Machine Breaking, Arson, Riots, Threatening Letters and Extortion - Letters signed 'Swing' or 'Captain Swing'.

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  • Population Growth - More People, Same No. Jobs
  • Poor Harvests = Higher Food Prices
  • Post War Agricultural Slump
  • Rural Poverty - 10% on Poor Relief
  • 2nd French Revolution
  • Cheap Irish Labour
  • New Technology

Rioters wanted work and higher wages.

Lower wages in the south - less money for food

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Govt. Response

  • Offering Rewards
  • Mobilised Yeomanry/Swore in more SC
  • Troops sent to worst affected areas
  • Wage Levels fixed.

Of those punished 40% were acquitted.

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