Commisariat, Administrative Chaos, Who was to blame?

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  • Civilian department in charge of organising supplies
  • Lead by FILDER
  • Bad organisation (ill paid irresponsible men)
  • Responsibilty for commisariat changed from War Office to Treasury. They hated eachother.
  • French built a hutted town of 100 acres for their Commisariat, BR had nothing.
  • No one military leader in charge, NO CHAIN OF COMMAND
  • EG) shipload of lime juice in harbour wjilst nine miles away men were dying of scurvy. Ammunitions, rations and clothing were in abundance but in complete disorder
  • Ships arrived unexpectedly and were unloaded quickly then supplies just left
  • RAGLAN changed plan from SEBASTOPOL for winter to BALACLAVA leaving Filder with little time to reorganise
  • Great Storm 14th NOV devastating effects
  • Track to camp unusable
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CONSEQUENCES FOR ARMY: - reported by Russel - Troops put on half rations - Starvation - No winter clothing, had to steal off dead Russians - Men froze - DEATH - 35% of men died in the winter from disease - JAN 55 only 1/3 of army fit for duty

WHO WAS TO BLAME? - FILDER? blamed at the time. BUT he had tried to fix road problem but no one helped. - GOVERNMENT? could have ordered Raglan to sort supplies but message from FILDER didnt reach them due to reorganisation of COMMISARIAT. - CAPTAIN CHRISTIE? harbour master who sent Prince and other ships out in storm? - RAGLAN? sent order to stay in BALACLAVA once winter was already setting in. - WEATHER? winter - STRUCTURE OF COMMISARIAT? every single supply had to be signed off by several people. No one wanted to take charge. Organisation was awful. TO BLAME!!

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