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The "Russian Winter" in
the Crimea, 1854/55
What were the effects and who was
to blame for the suffering of the
men?…read more

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The major problems
The harbour at Balaclava was small and
could only admit a small number of ships at
one time
The road from the port to the army camp
was poor, and bad weather made it even
Only enough supplies landed for daily
consumption- more were needed
Lord Raglan did not make any preparations
for the winter, as he expected to be in
Sebastopol by then- he only told James
Filder, the Commissariat, that they would
be wintering the Crimea in November- not…read more

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The loss of supplies
The government, however, had been stocking up
on supplies for the army to tide them over the
winter since august
In October they dispatched them
There was a big storm near Balaclava. The
harbour became swamped with floating
The harbour master, Captain Christie, did not let
any more ships come into the harbour despite
the fact that there was space
Some huge supply ships sunk, and thousands of
items were lost- enough supplies to keep the
army for the winter…read more

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In the storm, enough hay for 20 days was
lost. This meant that without horses, there
was no way to transport supplies to the
troops outside Sebastopol- the men had to
do it themselves
The horses had no shelter and Lord
Cardigan did not allow the men to kill them
unless they had a broken leg or an incurable
This mean that many horses starved to
death in the mud
No way to transport fodder up to camp
Lord Cardigan himself spent allot of time on…read more

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The Men
The men had to weather the storm in
Their clothing and tents were not built
to withstand the storm
Not enough supplies
Much suffering and death
Everything froze
Army got smaller and weaker…read more

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Possible candidates for
Lord Raglan: complacent, believed they would be
wintering in Sebastopol. Did not order for
preparations to be made
Sir James Filder: did not make preparations in
time, but then again he was only told they would
be wintering in November
Lord Cardigan: Did not look after the horses
well, stayed on his private yacht
Captain Christie: Did not let boats into the
harbour during the storm, even when there was
The weather: caused all the trouble, supplies etc
Poor organisation & communication
between departments responsible for the army'
s welfare, supplies and equipment…read more

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