Summary questions for physical geography

summary questions

if you can do the following, you know the syllabus pretty well

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rivers and management

  • Describe interception, infiltration, percolation, throughflow, overland flow and groundwater flow
  • List the factors that affect river sischarge
  • Describe hydraulic action, abrasion, attrition and solution
  • Describe suspended load, dissolved load, saltation and traction
  • Describe the relationship between discharge and velocity
  • Describe the following landforms; waterfalls, rapids, potholes, braided channels, meanders, levees, floodplains deltas, knick points, river terraces and incised meanders
  • Describe a major flood in an LEDC and an MEDC
  • List flood management strategies
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Cold environments

  • What are the different types of glaciers?
  • What is firn?
  • What is the difference between warm and cold glaciers
  • Describe internal deformation, rotational flow, compressing flow, extending flow and basal flow
  • Describe abrasion, plucking and frost shattering
  • Describe the formation of corries, aretes, pyramidal peaks, u-shaped valleys, hanging valleys, truncated spurs, roches mountonnees and carg and tails
  • Describe the formation of drumlines, morraines, eskers, kames, kettle holes, outwash plains and proglacial lakes
  • What are the three types of permafrost
  • Describe the following processes and the landforms they create; nivation, solifluction, frsot heave, groundwater freezing, ground contraction and water and wind action.
  • Describe the traditional economy of an indingenous population and recent changes and adaptions, inluding resource exploitation by newcomers
  • Describe the future of Antarctica, including conservation, protection, deveopment and sustainability
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