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Push and pull factors for suburbanisation

Push factors:

  • Poor quality housing lacking basic services e.g. indoor bathrooms/central heating 
  • Deindustrialisation in city centres means lossof jobs 
  • Unemployment means less money to spend on local businesses so forced to shut down 

Pull factors:

  • Relaxed planning laws  out of city centers so easy to build houses 
  • Better public transport  and Increased car ownership makes commuting to city easier 
  • Cheaper rents so business rents cheaper 
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Impacts of suburbanisation

Impacts on city centre:

  • Businesses move out of city centre and building become abandoned and derelict
  • Poverty due to increase in unempolyment and decrese in living standards
  • Richer people move away leaving the pooor people, leading to economic and ethnic segregation.
  • Congestion and pollution increase.

Impacts on suburbs:

  • Countryside is used to build new housing.
  • Flood risk as more impermeable surfaces so more surface run off.
  • Congestion and pollution increase.
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Managing the impacts of suburbanisation

  • Redevelopment schemes- Encourages people and businesses to move to city centres (Re-urbanisation)
  • Green belt land protects countryside from becoming too developed.
  • Traffic calming measures such as toll gates and congestion charges.
  • Flood defence schemes improved.
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Case study- Surbiton

Surbiton is an area of south west London and population has increased 19,000 people in 40 years.

Why move to Surbiton?

  • Transport links to london excellent 
  • Variety of good quality housing 
  • plenty of shops and resturant 
  • good schools and parks 

Problems in surbiton:

  • 70% car ownership means heavy congestion.
  • Economic segregation due to high house prices.


  • Widened roads, set delivery times for shops and restricted parking
  • re-classify surbiton station in london travel zone 5.
  • Bike storage and pedestrian access increased.
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