Mumbai - Suburbanisation

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Mumbai - Suburbanisation


  • New opportunities in the city
  • The increase in number of people driving has meant they can commute in and out of the city for their jobs
  • Rural to urban migration has created many suburbs as Mumbai itself is heavily over populated


  • Boom in real estate business - creates jobs
  • Creates a more diverse society in suburbs - many rich people with families move here as they don't want to live directly in the city
  • Created new jobs as services are investing in suburbs as there is an increasing population there.
  • Public transport has been extended and focus taken off the CBD (where it should be focused)

Overall summary

Suburbanisation has had more positive impacts for Mumbai than negative, for example, reducing the population of the inner city and expanding services. However, as the focus on expanding the suburbs is clear, the problems in the CBD may be forgotten.


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