Strengths and Weaknesses of the League of Nations

Strengths and Weaknesses of the League of Nations

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Aims & Organisation

In 1918 President Wilson had alled for a 'general association of nation' to prevent wars. This was set up by using the treaty of Versailles. The league had a covenant ( a set of rules) which laid out its aims. these were to;

  • Encourage co-operation between nations
  • Prevent aggression by any nation
  • Work towards international disarmament
  • Improve the working and living conditions of all people.

The league was set around the idea of collective security. The league would settle disputes by;

  • Arbitration by a neutral country
  • Taking the matter to the international court of justice
  • An inquiry by the council
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strengths of the League of Nations

In theory the league was quite powerful:

  • In 1920 it had 42 members. 8 years later it had risen to 60.
  • There was a strong desire for peace and international disarmament.
  • The league could take action on an aggressor, including imposing economic sanctions and using military force.
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Weaknesses of the League of Nations

Limited Power

  • The league had no armed force of its own. This meant that it had to have the co-operastion of nation but they were reluctant.
  • Military force would always be a last resort because of its costs.
  • Economic sanction were hard to enforce because it would damage trade for some of the countries.
  • The league could often sort out problems for smaller countries but not large powerful ones.
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Some important countries did not join the league;

  • The USA never join the league of nations despite the wishes of Wilson. The american people felt that they did not want to be involved with european affairs.
  • Bolshevik Russia was not allowed to join the league. Britain and France feared the spread of communism to the west. The Bolsheviks saw the league as a club of victors and rich countries.
  • Also the defeated nation were also not allowed to join till later.
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Charlie Barnes


  • Aims of the League:
  • Self Determination for all Empire colonies
  • Collective Security- to unite as a group and countries to help and protect each other
  • To increase relations between countries and increase trade
  • Encourage Nations to disarm
  • To improve living and working conditions for people around the world
  • To destroy all slavery and malaria

These are just some

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