Structure of the League

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The Assembly

What was it?

  • Each member was represented on the Assembly
  • They met once a year to discuss general topics.
  • All the decisions were unanimous


Each country in the league was well-represented.


  • They only met once a year and a war would start in that time and the assembly  wouldnt be able to talk about it.
  • There were language borders between the representatives of each nation.
  • There were powers to veto any decision that was made.
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The Council

What was it?

  • This consisted of five permanent members ( Britain, France, Italy, Japan and was supposed to be the USA)
  • The councils main duty was to solve any disputes between states by negociations, if possible.
  • The council was to provide the machinery to enforce the policy of collective security which would guarentee future peace.


  • It could solve any minor disputes between any states.
  • It had 4 permanent members which meant that they would always be available to do their duty.
  • There was a good system in place to solve any disputes.


  • There were only 4 permanent members which meant that all of the other countries were semi-permanent members and they didn't have a proper role.
  • It relied too much on the good will of its members.
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The Permanent Court of Justice

What was it?

  • This was a court of 15 judges chosen from the nations of the league.
  • It was based in the Hague, Netherlands.
  • It dealt with disputes between countries over international law such as terms of a treaty.


  • The judges were all chosen from nations that were members of the league.
  • It was well-organised.


  • It had no means of enforcing it decision so it relied on it's members
  • It had no standing army.
  • It was seperated from the rest of the league
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