Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms


Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms

Stylistic Features: Displaced accents, Rapid time signature changes, Use of ostinati, Hocketing, Bitonal, False relations, Non-functional harmony, Syllabic, Montone lines, Narrow range melodies

Structure: Contrast, 'Alleliua' is slow and repeated a lot, Faster sections - Chariots, New theme at bar 53, Slow chanted section at 163.

Melody: Syllabic, Use of repeated notes (bar 24), Narrow vocal phrases, 'Alleliua' is smooth flowing and conjunct, Octatonic Scale (bar 157-159), Bar 150-152 immitation based on arpeggios, Larger intervals at climax points.

Harmony: Non-functional, 'Alleliua' V-I, Dissonance (bar 46), Some root position chords, Chromaticism in voices, False relations. 

Tonality: Bitonal, Main tonality is C, 'Alleliua' is Aeolian in Bb, Bar 150 is D major, Soprano melody in bar 153 suggests C minor, Eb Major in 4 note ostinato. 

Texture: 1st 'Laudate' basses/tenors in 8ves, 2 part texture at bar 55 (Sops/Altos), Imitation at bar 150.

Rhythm: Beginning is static, bar 24 intestly rhythmic - 6 quavers, Triplet quavers at end of chariot sections, syncopation

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