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  • Can be owned by one or more people 
  • owners & sharehlders will benefit from profitable business
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  • concerned about security of thier jobs
  • would want to gain highest possible salary or wage
  • some will be concerned about nature of the job and variation 
  • some will want responsibility and opportunity to gain promotion 
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  • Mostly want value for money 
  • keen to have products at high quality with afforable prices
  • some want products to ethical
  • a business is more likley to repsond to the needs for a consumer if there is a possibility that thier reputation will damaged if they don't respond 
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  • A bank is a stakeholder
  • bank will be interested in the abliity of the firm repaying the loan
  • bank will be encouraged if the business is profitable- more chances of getting loan payment back 
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  • if business increases its sales then suppliers will increase thier sales
  • on time payment will build a good relationship between firm and suppliers
  • if quailty is good and supply is puntual then it will help maintain sales
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  • if a business expands- community will have more jobs available: community will come prosperous as people have more to spend on community
  • standard of the infrastructure may be improved- social benfits
  • social cost- pollution, noise and congestion as a result of business activities
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  • taxation can affect demand for goods and services
  • less money will go to job seekers allowance- more businesses more jobs
  • employment means govt will collect more tax revenue from employees 
  • employement means people will have more to spend- more tax consumer expenditure 
  • successful business- more profit- more tax collection for govt
  • business may sell abroad aiding balance of payments 
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