Stages of sleep

Includes stages of slow waves sleep and REM sleep

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Stages of sleep

  • Sleep has a cylical pattern every 90 minutes
  • before sleep metabolic, heart rates and temperature drops, alpha wave on EEG

Stages of Sleep

  • Slow wave sleep - stage 1, alpha waves replaced by slower desychronised waves
  • stage 2 - EEG becomes sychronised with larger waves, interrupted my 'sleep spindles'
  • stage 3- large slow delta waves boby rates drop further
  • stage 4- delta waves only shown, with low rates and a high arousal threshold.
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REM sleep

  • REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep occurs 30 minutes after stage 4
  • after this stage 2 starts followed by deeper stages of 3 and 4.
  • REM lasts longer in cycles towards the morning

Characterists of REM;

  • increase in body rates
  • relaxation and paralysis of sketal muscles
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