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Paragraph 1

To begin with you may be wondering ‘what is animal testing?’ the dictionary definition is ‘the use of non-human animals in experiments that affect the behaviour or biological system’. Now as horrible as that sounds and then to be studied by a foreign species for their own gain of knowledge and greed. The poor animals that are the most targeted are mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, it’s scary to think that these common household pets are being tested and are suffering on the daily. It is cruel and inhumane to be using these intelligent beings like this and only for our benefit. It has been stated by the Humane Society International that 100 thousand to 200 thousand animals suffer and die each year due to cosmetic testing. There have been reports of cosmetic tests that have not only harmed animals but also humans.

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Paragraph 2

Using animals like rabbits for cosmetic testing results in a variety of health and psychological problems. During their life they endure immense pain, distress, internal bleeding, organ damage, and bleeding skin. How would you like to live like this? Knowing that the only reason you were alive is to be abused and tested on. As seen on the screen behind me that is a bunny prior to test and on the next slide is a bunny after being tested on. You can clearly see a visible difference between the two pictures.

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Paragraph 3

There are not only dangers to the animals but humans using these cosmetic products as well. Humans and animals are very different for a range of reasons for example we are psychologically, biochemically, and metabolically different. This means that these major differences explain why certain chemicals that are used in products may not cause a reaction in a rabbit but deeply affect human skin so by using these animals to then produce dangerous products. Meaning that not only the animals death was meaningless and wasteful but if it never had happened then humans wouldn’t also be hurt or disfigured.

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Paragraph 4

Did you know that since 1998 it has been illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the UK? Well now you do … however there are still countries that haven’t banned these cruel acts of animal abuse. In China it is compulsory for companies that sell cosmetics pay for their products to undergo a series of animal tests to then be sold across mainland China. Many companies choose to sell into the Chinese market as the cosmetics market was worth over 26 billion so many foreign brands made the decisions to become a part of their market therefore consenting for their products to be used on animals. These products are makeup, perfume, skincare, nail products, hair products, hair dye, deodorant, sunscreen, and whitening products. Now think about all of those chemicals going into the poor animals’ bodies whilst being held against their will.

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Paragraph 5

Animal tests are already being replaced as advances in science allows companies to test cosmetics on donated skin/ tissues and bacteria cells. Which not only means it is ethically and morally acceptable and it won’t harm any animals during the process as it is all consented for and donated for the greater good. Alternative testing is quicker, accurate, and cheaper for brands to use as alternative tests show a 90% accuracy unlike the tests performed on animals that average around 60% accuracy. Not only are these tests more accurate but they are also cheaper as a cell-based test cost as little as £500 compared to animal tests that cost companies £1 million and take 2 years to complete. 79% of people said that they would swap to a different brand if they found out that the company was found to test on animals. This means if brands went with the alternative testing it would also bring in customers as it would be cruelty free which is a trend on the rise on a global scale.

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Paragraph 6

You may be now wondering ‘how can we help prevent these animals suffering?’ well I have composed a list of ideas of how you could participate in making this world a safer place for animals. You could help support charities like PETA or Cruelty Free International as both companies help fight against animal testing and fight for animal rights.  Try and switch to cruelty free cosmetics although they may be a little pricier most brands contribute an amount to animal rights charities for example the well-known beauty shop – the body shop who teamed up with Cruelty Free International to help fight against animal testing and donate a proceed of their profit to the charity each year. Another great way to help out is to boycott brands that still test on animals such as popular companies like Benefit, L’Oréal, Maybelline and Chanel, M.A.C Cosmetics and even Chapstick. I know it may be a shock to hear some of these brands on this list, but it has been stated on the official PETA website that these companies still test their products on animals. I hope this has given you some ideas of how to help fight for animal rights not to be tested on.

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Paragraph 7

However, there are companies/ brands that don’t test on animals as they have taken to the global trend of cruelty free make up. They are tarte cosmetics, the body shop, lush, too faced cosmetics, e.l.f cosmetics and nyx cosmetics. These can all be verified on the PETA ‘beauty without bunnies’ website and if yout wanted to look at some more companies that are cruelty free there is more information on their website.

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Paragraph 8

Overall, I would like to believe that I have managed to open your eyes about the truths of animal testing and how it affects animals and humans alike. I will leave you with one last question to think about – what if this was happening to you wouldn’t you want someone to fight for your rights?

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