Animal Farm KEY POINTS

Just some notes I made to help me remember. I HAVEN'T INCLUDED THE LINK BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK AND LENON / MARX ETC. as it is not coming up in the internal exam i am taking

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Animal Farm

  • A Political Story
  • Published in 1945 
  • Tells a story of how animals overthrow their human masters in order to establish a fairer society.
  • George Orwell (1903 - 1950)
  • Fable - characters are animals who display human characteristics - "Anthropamorphism".
  • Satire - Literature which targets an issue
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Key Points in the book

  • PAGE 3 - rhetorical questions in speech
    "we" - together
    hyperbole - exaggeration  "A thousand times "no" 
  • PAGE 4 - "Man" turned into scapegoat (common enemy)
    repetition of "man" 
  • PAGE 5 - juxtaposition - placing of two things together for effect.
  • PAGE 7 - Use of ballad - nostalgia, child - hood memories to touch the animals hearts
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