Sorting (Decision Maths)

These are not complete instructions for using bubble, shuttle, Shell and quick sorting, however they are brief revision cards that should help once you know and can apply the algorithms to gradually become independent of using any notes at all.

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Bubble Sort

  • Compare pairs of numbers.
  • One pair at a time (expect multiple swaps per pass).
  • Make sure smallest number always on left.
  • (Unless question wants in descending order).
  • Only look "forward" - don't compare against sorted!
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Shuttle Sort

  • (Similar to bubble sort).
  • Only move one pair per pass.
  • But check against all 'sorted' pairs each pass.
  • Swap if necessary.
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Shell Sort

  • Split list into n/2 sublists.
  • Each sublist will contain 2 elements.
  • Compare each sublist separately using shuttle sort.
  • Merge two sublists (retaining same order).
  • Repeat using half number of sublists.
  • When only one 'sublist' just use normal shuttle sort to finish.
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Quick Sort

  • Uses pivot (first number unless says otherwise).
  • If number ≤ move to left / ≥ move to right (of pivot).
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