Decision Unit 1 (AQA Specific) WHOLE OF UNIT revision notes

Powerpoint presentation of all topics covered in Unit 1 of Decision for AQA Mathematics. This is in a lot of detail and includes general formulae which I find are really helpful shortcuts to graph theory questions.

There is a lot of detail so if you're looking for a fun revision source unfortunately you probably won't enjoy this! However it has exam-style examples and covers every topic. 

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Decision Revision…read more

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Prim's from a graph
· Key points
­ Go from the named starting vertex
­ Then only select edges from points already
­ Write down the order of selection (UV, UW) as
you go along and including the weights of the
­ Find the total weight and re-draw your final
minimum spanning tree including only the
selected edges…read more

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Prim's from a graph example…read more

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Prim's from a matrix
· Key points
­ Go from the named start vertex
­ Label the vertex's column as #1 and then delete the row
with the same letter/number
­ Select the shortest edge from numbered columns ONLY
­ Make sure once you've selected another edge you cross it
through and label
­ Draw out your minimum spanning tree as you go along or
write down the edges in selected order and their weights
­ Tally up the weighting once all rows and columns have
been crossed out…read more

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Prim's from a matrix example
· Be safe, and draw
the graph as well…read more

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Kruskal's from a graph
· Key points
­ Make a table to show the edges and the weights
in numerical order (shortest longest)
­ Then go down the list, selecting the next shortest
edge UNLESS it makes a cycle
­ Draw out your minimum spanning tree and if you
have time write down your final selected edges,
preferably in order selected
­ Calculate the total weight…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 8

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Preview of page 9

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