Sociology: Unit One: Families and Households.

5th Sept- 8th Oct

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What is the Family?

  • Related by Kinship (blood, marriage, or adoption).
  • Very Important social institution.
  • Found, in some form, in all societies.
  • Key role in the socialisation of children.
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Murdock 1949

What did he say?

  • Families live together.
  • Work together/pool resources.
  • Reproduction.
  • Includes male and female (sexual relationship-approved by wider society)
  • Have at least one child.

Criticisms of Murdock: Outdated!!

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The Nuclear and Extended Family.

Nulcear Family

  • Parents and children live together in one family.
  • Sometimes know as 2 generation family.

Extended Family 

  • All kin including and beyond the Nuclear family.
  • 2 main types: Classic and Modified, extended Families.
  • These are either horizonatally or vertically extended.
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Classic and Modified Extended Families.

Classic Extended

  • Extended family living together or close by, members see one another regularly
  • Horizontally Connected- Aunts and Uncles etc.
  • Vertically Connected- Grandparents and Grandchildren.

Modified Extended

  • Nuclear family, live geographically far apart, remain in reg. contact (visting, phone, email and letters etc.)
  • Probably the most common family type in britian today.
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Vertically and Horizontally Extended Family.

Vertically Extended

  • 3 generations of the same family
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