Sociology : Mass Media


Defining the mass media

The term mass media refers to all forms of communication (media) that reach large (mass)audiences.When revising the mass media, you should distinish between:

  • Traditional media such as newspapers,books,television and radio
  • New media such as the internet,cable nd satelite TV and digital radio

One way of making sense of the wide range of media that are available toda is to divide them into the press,broadcasting and electronic media.

The press

This includes newspapers and maazines that are privately owned and run as profit making businesses. The press is financedthrough income from sales and advertising.


This refers to televsion and radio. Public service broadcastng operates through the British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) and is funded by income from the television licence fee. Commercial broadcasting is funded mainly by revenue from advertising. Cable and satelite TV are funded mainly by income from advertising and subscribers.

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