Sociology key words

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Acadamies =

schools that are independant of local authority control, set up by labour govn. of 1997 to 2010 in inner cities, and schools that opted out of local authority control under the coalition govn. of 2010

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whether the author of a document has the knowledge to provide a true record of somthing

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Authenticity =

how genuine documents are

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Catchment Area

Catchment area =

the geographical area from which pupils eligible to attend school are drawn

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Causal relationship

Causal Relationship =

When one thing leads to another thing happening

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Compensatory education

Compensatory Education =

additional education provided to try and address underperformance by particular social groups in the education system

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Complementarity =

where different methods are combined to dovetail different aspects of an investigation

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Content Analysis

Content Analysis =

research in which the content of the mass media is analysed

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Correspondence Principle

Correspondence Principle =

in the Marxist theory of Bowles and Gintis the idea that structure of the educational institutions reflect the structure of the workplace in capitalist buisness

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Counterculture =

the beliefs and lifestyle of a group who are opposed to the dominant group

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Counter-School Culture

Counter-School Culture =

the beliefs of a group who are opposed to the values of those in authority in school

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Cream Skimming

Cream Skimming =

schools or other ed. institutions selecting the most able pupils to attend their institution

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Deterministic =

a theory, which sees behaviour as entirely determined by external circumstances, leaving the individual with little or no choice about how they behave

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Disconnected Local Choosers

Disconnected Local Choosers =

parents who lack the skills + resources to exercise choice effectively in the ed. system

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Educational Triage

Educational Triage =

the rationing of ed. so that only those who are likely to attain targets through recieving help are provided with additional assistance

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Egoism =

Durkeim, a situation where people are not well integrated into social groups and therefore are mainly concerned with themselves rather than others

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Ethnocentric Curriculum

Ethnocentric Curriculum =

This refers to the attitude or policy which gives priority to a particular ethnic group whilst disregarding others. It could be argued that the curriculum today is based on the white culture.

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Facilitation =

where one method is used to assist or develop another method

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Falsification/ Falsify

Falsification/ Falsify =

Proving something (usually a theory) wrong

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Fatalism =

a belief that your chances in life are shaped by luck or fate rather than feeling you can determine them by your own efforts

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