Sociology G673 power and control ownership

Info on ownership of the media

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Big companies buy up small ones so there are fewer big companies.
Bagdikan-would be 25,000 small companies but there are 5 big companies that own it all.

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Vertical integration

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When a company buys up things they use within their company to save money in the long run. E.g. Newspaper buying printing resources

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Horizontal integration

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When a company buys other companies within the same sector. E.g. A newspaper company buying other newspaper companies.

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Transnational ownership

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To go beyond national boundaries (the world). Where companies own other companies around the world.

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Going outside of the media and owning companies. E.g. owning channel 5 to also owning a football club.

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  • Similar to vertical integration
  • releasing similar products at the same time and making money from those products. E.g. Toy story 3 being out then the toys being released to buy at the same time.
  • Vertical integration would be where Disney would own companies making toys.
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