Sociology- Family Unit

Sociology Family unit exam cards.

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Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family

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Nuclear Family

  • Adult Man
  • Adult Woman
  • Dependent children

Often thought of as the Typical family.

  • Man is the breadwinner
  • Woman is responsible for house and family

Very popular in western and richer countries. People can afford to stay away from home.

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Extended Family

Extended Family

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Extended Family

  • Nuclear Family
  • Other relative

Common in the past and poorer countries were living away from extended family is expensive.

Common within the Asian community in Britain.

Vertically extended:

  • Three generations of family living together (Grandparents, Parents, Children)

Horizontally extended:

  • Relatives of the same generation (Two brothers, Wives, Children)
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Single- Parent Family

Single-Parent Family

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Single-Parent Family

  • One Parent
  • Dependent children

Result of:

  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Want to bring up children alone
  • Death of Partner
  • Divorce

Over 90% are Women.

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Reconstitued Family

Reconstituted Family

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Reconstitued Family

  • New family created after divorce/ separation
  • Second marriage/ cohabitation
  • Step-parents
  • Step-children


  • Single parent may want help
  • Company
  • Find happiness in second marriage
  • Male/Female role for the children
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Dual Worker Family

Dual Worker Family

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Dual Worker Family

  • Both parents work


  • Many women want to be independent
  • Likely to have right qualifications

More Dual Worker families in the UK from women in nuclear, reconstituted, cohabiting couples.

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Empty Nest Family

Empty Nest Family

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Empty Nest Family

  • Originally Nuclear Family
  • Children have left home


  • Children are more independent
  • People live longer
  • Aid from Government (care homes, benefits)
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Bigamy, Polygamy, Serial Monogamy, Monogamy, Polya


  • Law. the crime of marrying while one has a wife or husband still living, from whom no valid divorce has been effected.


  • The practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp. wife, at one time

Serial Monogamy

  • a form of monogamy characterized by several successive, short-term marriages over the course of a lifetime.
  • Monogamy- Marriage with only one person at a time.


  • the practice or condition of having more than one husband at one time.
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