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Power is the ability to impose your will over others. This is defined by class power, your position in society, and command respect. Members of the working-class would seek to protect advantages given and enhance share of rewards.

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Tries to measure social class instead of focusing just on income. Includes an 11 point framework to try to measure and understand social class.

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Barron and Norris

Describe the concept of a dual labour market. The primary market generally has good conditions and high pay scales. The secondary market has low status and lack of power.

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The middle-class have recognised skills based on educational, professional, and social qualifications. The working-class can only sell their labour and are vulnerable to technological change - skills not valued, insecure job prospects.

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Rex and Thomlinson

Ethnic minorities expereince low class and low status which are compounded by racism and lack party. As a result, a black underclass has developed in many British cities and is one that feels frustrated and alienated from society. This is linked to the problems of police racism and inner-city rioting.

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