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 Social Contruction  is a key concept in Sociology. It is used to explain many aspects of Social Life.

Examples of social constructs are;







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SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS (Crime and deviance)

These Social Constructs are based on the norms and values within society.

Crime and Deviance

Deviance is relative and subjective.

It is relative to whichever society you are in.

It is subjective to whatever the person knows.


In suadi arabia it is a crime to drink alcohol, this crime is based upon religious beliefs and values. It is a norm not to drink. It is also a norm to abide by the law by not drinking alchohol.

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Tardis is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

Any social contruct relies upon time and space, and vary between these two factors.


In the UK, it wasn't too long ago when it wasn't acceptable to be Gay, it was also a crime before that. Now it is widelyaccepted by many that it is okay to be Gay .

However, in Uganda it is still a criminal offence to be Gay.

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