Prague spring 1968

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  • The Prague spring 1968
    • Reforms
      • Market socialism
      • More power given to Czech parliament
      • Relaxation off press censorship
      • More power given to regional governments
      • legalization of political opposition groups
      • Official government toleration of political critisisms
    • Czech opposition to soviet control
      • Secret police
      • Living standards- decline in 1960
      • Communist party leader- Highly unpopular
    • Reaction to reforms
      • Welcomed by students, intellectuals, workers and young members of the communist party
      • Older Czech communists were shocked by the 'prague spring' as was Brezhnev (this allies across eastern Europe)
      • Artist and Writers such as Milan Kundera and Vaclav Havel took advantage of the reforms
        • Wrote books, plays and essays critisizing soviet style communism


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