Social Approach- Sherif - Issues and Debates

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Ethical Issues - Sherif

- The boys did not give informed consent = shows a LACK OF RESPECT for the participants 

--------------------------------------------------> because it takes away their right to withdraw 

- Researchers subjected them to situations of conflict without their content 

However ... consent was gained from parents 

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Practical Issues in Design - Sherif

- Attempted to ensure high ecological validity - while still allowing conflict to progress in order to                                                                                observe. Normally, leader would break up conflict. 

- Some boys found it strange that pictures were being taken of them when raiding the huts of the other camps rather than stopping them = may have caused them to act differntly 

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Only looking at social factors - no recognition of individual differences of biological predispositions 

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How Behaviour Is Explained (Theories)

Realistic Conflict Theory = The fact of beloging to a group is enough to lead to prejudice against another group. Stages: Social catorgorisation, Socail Identification, Social Comparison 

Social Identidy Theroy = The proximity of the authority figure will increase with obediance + the more powerful the authprity figure, the greater the elvel of obsediance 

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Psychology as a Science (Yes and No)


Issues with replication when conducting field experiments 


Many observers = high inter rathigh inter rater reliability

Recorded tape recordings = increased validity of observations 

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Gender and Cultural issues

Hard to determine if there are cultural of gender factors influencing the bheaviour

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Nature vs. Nurture

The role of personality in obedience compared with the role of the situation

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How Psychological Understanding has Developed Over

Used this to develop methods on how to reduce prejudice

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Social Control

Reducing Prejudice 

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The use of Psychological Knowledge in Society (App

Reducing conflict in society. Cost-benefit analysis of harm to participants being outweighed by the responsibility researchers have to society.

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Issues related to of socially sensitive research

Psychiological Theories for obediance which can be applied to real life situations may develop rasicm in certain situations. 

For example, may suggest Germans are more impresionable = may cause rascit attitudes towards all Germans to blame them for WW2

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