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Medical Textiles, Textile Lights, Interactive Textiles

Medical textiles

  • neodisc - silicone rubber core -replaces a spinal disc -better than a bone graft because there is no pain from area which bone was taken from and movement is normal
  • Neodisc is protected and held in place by a woven polyester jacket - body wants to repel the polyester, tries to degrade it but can't - so forms tissue around it. Becomes integrated into the body - acetate is used as backing when the shape is embroidered - dissolved in acetone after use
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Textiles lights

  • Moving electronic posters on the underground were the inspiration
  • Electro Luminescent technology
  • encapsulated particles
  • Phospor particles glow when in am electric field - used as the basis
  • Complicated to apply process to woven textiles - needs a rigid backing
  • Lights applied to fabric - could be re configured and used at will
  • Neon wallpaper already available - £1000s per room!
  • Electro luminescent threads
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Interactive textiles

  • QTC - tiny embedded metal particles give a wast range of resistance - if pressed, electrons can jump between the particles
  • Sound, Light, Smell, Heat and Moisture can all affect it
  • It can be used in very thin layers
  • Soft switches - buttons made of fabric and QTC - used by NASA and Nike as well as other brands who want to integrate electronics with fabric
  • The possibilities are endless - many things can be done with QTC
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