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Smart Textiles: How do Smart Textiles Work?
*Sensors within the structure of the materials detect an
What are Smart Textiles? action and then respond by producing an output reaction:
*Smart textiles are materials that react to Smart textile ­ Process ­ Output
environmental conditions.
* Smart materials can be thermal, *Heat sensitive fabric ­ Hand to fabric ­ Fabric changes colour
chemical, electrical, magnetic and many more.
*Examples can include: Heat sensitive fabric *Light emitting material is produced by weaving fibre optics
and light emitting fabric. into the structure of the fabric.
Heat sensitive fabric
Light emitting fabric
Where can you find Smart Textiles? Light emitting fibre
*We can find smart textiles in clothing,
optics woven into fabric
medical materials, interior fabrics and
many more.
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Technical How do Technical Textiles Work?
*Technical textiles are designed enhance its
Textiles: performance for the wearer.
What are Technical Textiles?
*Technical textiles are manufactured specifically *For example:
for performance and function for example ·1)SYMPA-TEX and GORE-TEX are designed to
be waterproof, windproof and breathable.
to be waterproof.
*Examples can include swimwear that is designed They have a membrane fitted into clothing to
to enhance performance by being water dynamic, give effective protection against the elements.
light weight and quick drying. *2)COOLMAX ACTIVE fabric is designed to help
move moisture away from skin and keep the
body cool whilst exercising.
*3)SUPER FABRIC materials incorporate
the configuration of tiny guard plates
making the fabric puncture proof. 2
Speedo LZR
Racer suit
Where can you find Technical Textiles?
*We can find smart textiles in clothing,
medical materials, interior fabrics and
many more. Eleanor McDermott…read more


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