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Technical How do Technical Textiles Work?
*Technical textiles are designed enhance its
Textiles: performance for the wearer.
What are Technical Textiles?
*Technical textiles are manufactured specifically *For example:
for performance and function for example ·1)SYMPA-TEX and GORE-TEX are designed to
be waterproof, windproof and breathable.
to be waterproof.
*Examples can include swimwear that is designed They have a membrane fitted into clothing to
to enhance performance by being water dynamic, give effective protection against the elements.
light weight and quick drying. *2)COOLMAX ACTIVE fabric is designed to help
move moisture away from skin and keep the
body cool whilst exercising.
*3)SUPER FABRIC materials incorporate
the configuration of tiny guard plates
making the fabric puncture proof. 2
Speedo LZR
Racer suit
Where can you find Technical Textiles?
*We can find smart textiles in clothing,
medical materials, interior fabrics and
many more. Eleanor McDermott…read more


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