Situation Ethics

key points about situation ethics

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1st Presumption - (the four presumptions)

  • Pragmatism = the propesed cours eof action must work, and must work towards the end, which is love.  
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2nd Presumption (the four presumptions)

  • Relativism = there are no fixed rules that must be obeyed. However, no is it a free for all. 
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3rd Presumption (the four presumptions)

  • Postivism = religious knowledge/belief can only be approached by 1 of 2 ways. 
  • 1st way - natural ( deduces faith from human experience that provides experience) 
  • 2nd way - theological ) faith statements are made + peopl act in a way that is reasonable in light of situations. 

SE depends on Christains freely choosing faith that God is love, so giving first place to christain love 

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4th Presumption (the four presumptions)

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