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When a group of people feel alienated, they might seek more autonomy. They might have a different language or culture or religion.

They feel remote from a central government and feel they do not recieve adequate support, particlarly with economic development.

Reasons For Separatist Pressures

  • An area with a differnet language or culture
  • A minority religious grouping
  • Exploitation of local resources by national government producing little economic gain fro the region
  • Peripheral location to the political core
  • An area that is economically depressed compared to a weaker one.
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Scottish Separatist Pressures

  • Vote in 2014, 52% No, 48% Yes
  • Alex Salmond resigned letting Nicola Sturgeon take place
  • Scottish parliament in Holyrood
  • Peaceful method of showing want for more autonomy

Economic Reasons

  • More than 90% of UK's oil revenue comes from the Scottish sector of the continental shelf
  • Scotland has 25% of Europes wind and tidal capacity
  • Want to tackle cycle of low economic growth

Accountability Reasons

  • Would be accountable for the Scottish army (related to disagreement from illegal Iraq war)
  • In charge of amount of aid they give via UN

Cultural Reason

  • Be able to support and promote their culture more abley than an English government
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Basque Separatist Pressures

  • Basque region in the north of Spain and the south of France
  • Franco ruled Spain until 1975, he executed and imprisioned 1000's of Basque nationalists
  • In 1979, a Basque parliament was created (in Vitoria-Gasteiz)


  • In 1958, ETA formed to fight for Basque autonomy
  • Jan 2000, hundreds of thousands march in Madrid to show disapproval of ETA
  • 2006, Madris airport car bomb
  • 2006, declare ceasefire but attacks continue
  • 800 deaths in total by ETA
  • 5th September 2010, ETA declares new permanent ceasefire


  • People feel alienated from the rest of Spain after being suppressed for so long
  • Different language (Euskara) and culture
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Sri Lankan Separatist Pressures

  • Capital city of Colombo (SW)
  • Tamil Tigers in the North, fought to create an independant Tamil state, North felt isolated
  • Began on 23rd of July 1983 with an intermittent insurgency against the government
  • 60,000 estimated to have died as a direct result of the war
  • In the 1790's Brits bought down Tamils from India to the north of Sri Lanka to produce tea
  • The majority of Buddhist sinhalese resented the Brits who seemed to favour the Tamils
  • Civil war erupted in 1980's
  • Tamils carried out suicide bombings in Colombo (1990's)
  • Sinhala Only Act passed leaving Sinhala as official language
  • Tamils brought to Sri Lanka by the Brits were stripped of citizenship in 1949
  • The Elephant Pass battle meant 170,000 Tamils fled the area
  • There was massive unemployment because of the war
  • The future of Sri Lanka is bleak as there is massive distrust and the Tamils still don't have autonomy
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