Secularisation key words

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Anonymous Christians

Definition: A view proposed by Karl Rahner, that people who are not Christians in practice, worship or belief are nevertheless able to experience grace and salvation.

In your own words: People who aren’t practicing Christians can still receive grace from God. 

A question wherethe keyword is the answer: What is Rahner’s view?

Memory jogger: Anon

Synonym: Non-practicing christians. 

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Definition:Initiatives to develop relationships between Christian Churches to promote Christian unity.

In your own words: Initiatives to create better relationships between different churches.

Question where the keyword is the answer: What is one way to create relations between different Christian churches?

Memory Jogger: relationship 

Synonym: Inclusive 

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Definition: spreading Christianity by preaching or by personal witness. Not to be confused with Evangelicalism, which is a branch of Christianity that sees the spreading of the gospel as a primary responsibility for Christians.

Your own words: preaching God's word. 

Question where the keyword is the answer: What is preaching God's word called? 

Memory Jogger: preaching

Synonym: lecture 

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Definition: The view that one religion is the only true one, and that other religions are wrong.

Your own words: The belief that only one religion is correct.

Question where the keyword is the answer: What view of religion rejects all others but one?

Memory jogger: one 

Synoym; exclude 

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extra ecclesiam nulla salus

Definition: The Roman Catholic teaching that there is no salvation for those who are outside the (Roman Catholic) Church

Your own words: The roman catholic church saying that non-believers/ followers of their church will not have salvation.

Question where the keyword is the answer: what teaching says there is no salvation for peole outside the religion? 

Memory jogger: division 

Synonym: ecxcluded. 

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Definition: The view that although one religion is true, other religions may show aspects of the one true religion.

Your own words: The idea that all religions have aspects of truth.

Question where the keyword is the answer: what is the belief that all religions have aspects of truth? 

Memory jogger: opposite of eclusivism 

Synonym: welcoming. 

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Interdenominational relations

Definition:Relationships between different Christian churches, for example, between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church, of England.

Your own words: Different churches have connections and relations.

Question where the keyword is the answer: what is the idea of different churches being connected? 

Memory jogger: relationships 

Synonym: interconnectedness 

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Interfaith relations

Definition: Relationships between different faiths, and between worshipping communities of different faiths, for example, between Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Your own words: Relationships between different religions/ communities. 

Memory jogger: Inter 

Synonym: multi-faith 

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Definition: The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts were written by the same author, so when talking about Acts, it is customary to refer to the writer as ‘the author of Luke/Acts’.

Your own words: The gospel and book of acts were written by the same person. 

Question where the keyword is the answer: What gospel and book were written by the same person? 

Memory jogger: Luke 

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Definition: The movement of substantial numbers of people from one place to another.

Your own words: movement of people. 

Question where the keyword is the answer: what is the movemnt of great numbers of people called? 

Memory jogger: move 

synonym: relocation 

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Definition: Made up of many different cultures, which may include different nationalities, beliefs, values and social customs. This term has a wider scope than multiracial, which refers only to race, and multi-faith which applies only to religion.

Your own words: Consisting of different cultures

Question where the keyword is the answer: what kind of culture do we have in england? 

Memory jogger: multi 

Synonyms: diversity 

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Religious pluralism

Definition: A situation where people of many faiths live in the same society without conflict, respecting one another’s views.

Your own words: People of different religions living in one society. 

Question where the keyword is the answer: what is the concept of multiple religions co-existing? 

Memory jogger: plural 

Synonym: multiple religions

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Secular state

Definition: a country where the government, legislature and society are not controlled by, or dependent on, the teachings of a religion.

Your own words: Religion is separated from the state. 

Question where the answer is the keyword: what kind of state doesnt have religion? 

Memory jogger: no religion 

synonym: non-religious 

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Definition: The view that all humans will be saved by God, whatever their religion.

Your own words: All humans will be saved by God regardless of religion. 

Question where the keyword is the answer: what is the belief about salvation that accepts all humans? 

Memory jogger: universe

Synonym: universal 

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Definition: A diocese; the region and people under the control of a bishop.

Your own words: People under the control of the bishop. 

Question where the keyword is the answer? what is a diocese also known as? 

Memory jogger: people under the bishop

Synonym: diocese 

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