Sections of Curlys wife from Of Mice and Men

Page numbers and brief meanings from the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck to do with Curly's wife (Only her although some quotes can be linked to other themes)  Page numbers are relvent to the book which the front colour is mainly orange and there are 2 guys walking among some trees. ISBN: 0-582-46146-4

The highlights are themes  to do with her: Blue = Loneliness, Red = When they guys see her as flirty and when shes being friendly , Green = Dreams, Orange = Light/dark

Please note you could use any of the quotes to emphazie each point. I reccomend not overwhelming the examiner with dozens of Quotes about the same thing.

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First Mentions

Page numbers :   49- 50

Quotes:   " Wait'll you see Curleys' wife"   "Purty" (pretty/attractive)  "She got the eye"  "Married two weeks and got the eye?"   "I think Curley's married.... a tart"


  • Highlights that she looks good
  • Emphazies that she is flirty with the other men (To do with being lonly, and wanting people to notice her)

Other notes:

  •  Steinback never uses her acctual name.  To do with women being unimportant theme.
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Curley's wife first apperance

Page numbers :   53-54

Quotes:   (anything from her discription paragraph) "I'm lookin' for Curley" "Her body was thrown forward" "Lennie's eyes moved down over her body" "She said playfully" "Lennie watched her, fascinated" "She smiled archly and twitched her body" "Nobody can't blame a person for lookin' " "Hi, Good-lookin"  "She's purty.... and she's sure hidin' it" "Bet she'd clear out for twenty bucks"


  • How she looks (dresses to get attention)
  • Mentions red a lot (Use of colours, could relate to red=blood)
  • George keen to ignore her, shes keen to make conversation (Loneliness)
  • Lenny has an interest in her

Other notes:

  • Before she enters, George reminds Lenny of where to go incase he gets in trouble. (forshadowing)
  • As she enters describes how she stops the light. (Light + dark theme, forshadowing)
  • After Geoge tells Lenny shes bad and to stay away. (George is always right)
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Talking about Curly's wife

Page numbers : 77-78

Quotes: "Well, ain't she a looloo?" (Flirtatious)  "stick around an' keep your eyes open." " You'll see plenty" "She ain't concealin' nothing." "I never seen nobody like her" "She got the eye goin' all the time on everybody" "I don't know what the hell she wants" "Seems like she can't keep away from guys" "Shes going to make a mess... bad mess"


  • The men see her as flirty a lot of the time
  • Yet they misunderstand her and do not know what she wants
  • They dont understand that shes lonley.
  • Forshadows the end of the story.  

Other notes:

  •  "Ranch.. ain't no place for a girl" (Links in with segregation theme)  
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The stable conversation part 1

Page numbers : 109-110

Quotes: "Smiling a little at them" "her eyes travelled from one face to another" "They left all the weak ones here" "Even Curley. I know where they all went" "Lennie watched her, fascinated" "Candy and crooks were scowling down away from her eyes" "If you know, why you want to ast us" "If I catch any one man, and he's alone, I get along fine with him" "But just let two of the guys get together an' you wont talk. Jus' nothing but mad."


  • She was looking for someone (lonly)
  • They left her here, shes weak too
  • She feels not good enough for Curley
  • Lennie is fascinated with her, the others do not want anything to do with her
  • She points out that no-ones freindly to her (Loneliness)

Other notes:

  • Note dramtic entrance's, she always just appears intrupting somthing
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The stable conversation part 2

Page numbers :  110-111

Quotes: "Maybe you better go along to your own house now. We don't want no trouble" "Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while?" "Think I like to stick in that house alla time?" "You gotta husban', You got no call foolin; aroun; with other guys, causin' trouble."  "The girl" "Sure I gotta husban;." "swell guy, ain;t he?" "Think I'm gunna stay in that two-by-four house"  (Also loneliness) "Her face lost its sullennnes and grew interested" "She laughed...who bust him?"


  • The guys think she should be alone, Still no use of name (Segregation)
  • Shes lonly and just wants to talk
  • She doesn't like the only person shes alowed to talk to (Curley)
  • They misunderstand her attept of being friendly for flirty.

Other notes:

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The stable conversation part 3

Page numbers :  111-112

Quotes: "You bindle bums think your so damm good" "Whatta ya think I am, a kid?" "I could of went with shows" "Not jus' one, neither" "a guy tol' me he could put me in pitchers" "She was breathless with indignation"  (annoyed at unfair treatment) "Ever'body out doin' som'pin' " "Talkin' to..(insults them) . an' likin' it because there ain't nobody elese" "Lenny watched her, his mouth half open" "You ain't wanted here"


  • Fed up with people thinking shes not  and they dont understand her
  • She wants people to notice her, annoyed with segragation
  • She had dreams of being in shows. Upset hey didnt come true
  • Wishes she has somthing to do
  • Insults her only company, because she thinks she could have done better.
  • Happy she has someone to talk to for once, but they dont want here there.

Other notes:

  • Lenny always has an interst in the way she does things.
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The stable conversation part 4

Page numbers :  112-113

Quotes:  "Maybe you just better go along an' roll your hoop" "We aint got nothing to say to you at all." "Curley maybe ain't gunna like his wife out in the barn with us" " They were all closed against  her" " I'll talk to you later. I like machines" "you got no rights" "jus' get out, an' get out quick"


  • Sterotyping and segregation - All she is good for is rolling a hoop
  • They put the loneliness on her as they send her away
  • Women in those times had no rights, and were controlled by what men wanted.

Other notes:

  • Forshadowing in shes going to talk to Lenny later
  • The men dislike her because they don't want to get into trouble, yet she hasn't done anything.
  • Her personality traits invlove that if your harsh to her, she'll be harsh back.
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The stable conversation part 5

Page numbers :  113-115

Quotes: "

"She turned on him in scorn" (she thinks he is unworthy) "She closed on him" "You keep your place then" "She stood over him as though waiting for him to move so that she could whip at him again" "Nobody'd listen to us (or you)" "we wont tell Curley you was here" "She appraised him cooly" (trying to figure out if he is right) Somtimes I'd like to bust him myself" "She ... dissappeared into the dark barn"


  •  Segragation (Her over Crooks, Curley over her)
  • She abuses what power she has over someone
  • She has a short temper and is frustrated in this scene
  • She doesnt really like anyone, but likes company

Other notes:

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Conversation with lennie part 1

Page numbers :  121-122

Quotes: (Her last apperence is the same as first) " George says I ain't to have nothing to do with you- talk to you or nothing" "He's scared Curley'll get mad" "You didn't put nothing over on me"


  • Again she appeares unoticed (Is this because she would be seen as not worth noticing?)
  • Her apperence is the same as the first time
  • She dislikes Curley because he stops her from making friends
  • He hints that shes more clever than she makes out

Other notes:

  • Despite Lenny being told not to talk to her, he does to tell  her that. (Childlike)
  • The animal dies somthing bad happens theme. The puppy dies.
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Conversation with lennie part 2

Page numbers : 122-123

Quotes:  "Lennie was not to be drawn" "I ain't gonna talk to you or nothing" " Why cant I talk to you?" "I never get to talk to nobody" "I get awful lonely" "You can talk to people, but I cant talk to nobody but Curley else he gets mad" "How'd you like not to talk to anybody?"


  • Lenny is intent on not talking to her, for no reason
  • She's not stupid and knows why no-one talks to her
  • She likes to talk to people and gets lonely
  • Wants sympathy

Other notes:

  • Lenny talks to her anyway.


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Conversation with lennie part 3

Page numbers : 123-124

Quotes: " Don't you worry about talkin' to me" "her face grew angry" "Wha's the matter with me?" "Ain't I got a right to talk to nobody?" "Whatta they think I am, anyways?"  "I dont know why I can't talk to you I ain't doin' no harm to you"


  • Shes desprate to talk to someone
  • She get frustrated that she can't talk to him
  • She thinks something is wrong with her
  • Segregration of women, they didn't really have a right to talk to somone

Other notes:

  • Forshadowing, she does cause harm.
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Conversation with lennie part 4

Page numbers : 124

Quotes: "What kinda harm am I doin' to you?" "Seems like they ain't none of them cares how I gotta live." "I tell you I ain't used to livin' like this." "I coulda made somethin' of myself" "She said darkley" "Maybe I will yet" "Her words tumbled out in a passion of commmunication" "She hurried before her listener could be taken away." "He said I could got with that show" "My ol' lady wouldn' let me." "the guy says I coulda." "If I went, I wouldn't be livin' like this, you bet."


  •  No-one cares about her being lonely
  • This is new to her because shes used to being able to talk
  • She wished she had gone off and blames her mum
  • Shes greatful to be talking to someone for once
  • American dream, life of glamour, hope, rich, opputuinty, free will.

Other notes:

  • Forshadowing
  • High before the low 
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Conversation with lennie part 5

Page numbers : 124-125

Quotes: "She went on with her story quickly before she could be interrupted" "He says he was gonna put me in the movies. Says I was a natural" "I never got that letter" "I always thought my ol' lady stole it" "I wasnt gonna stay no place where I could'nt get anywere or make somthing of myself" "So I married Curley" "You listenin?"


  • She enjoys talking to someone for once
  • She had her own American dream and is proud of it
  • She ran away from her mum and blames her
  • Doesnt think her life is that much better now
  • Doubt that her only company doesnt care.

Other notes:

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Conversation with lennie part 6

Page numbers :  125

Quotes: "I ain't told nobody before" "I don't like Curley" "Because she had confided in him, she moved closer to Lennie and sat beside him" " Coulda been in the movies" "had nice clothes- all them nice clothes like they wear" "I coulda sat in them big hotels" "Had pitchers took of me" "When they had them previews I coulda went to them" "an' spoke in the radio" "wouldn'ta cost me a cent because I was in the pitcher" "All them nice clothes like they wear" "this guy says I was a natura;" "She made a small grand gesture... to show that she could act"


  • She doesnt get an opunituity to talk to that many people
  • She doesnt like this life either, only her dream one.
  • She regretes not following her dreams
  • Repition in clothes, shows that they are important to her, and she takes care how she looks
  • She wanted to be famous
  • She hopes she still can, and feels the need to prove she can act

Other notes:

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Conversation with lennie part 7

Page numbers : 125- 126

Quotes: "Curley's wife said angrily" "Curley's wife moved away a little"  "I think you're nuts"


  •  She has a short temper, gets frustrated easily when people dont listen
  • She's having second doubts about lenny,

Other notes:

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Conversation with lennie part 8

Page numbers : 126-127

Quotes: "She was a little bit reassured" "I like to feel silk an' velvet" "You're kinda nice fella. Jus' like a big baby." " Mine is soft and fine" "see how soft it is" "Don't you muss it up"


  • She understands lenny more than other people (except george)
  • She likes havign a conversation with him
  • Quite bostful and proud

Other notes:

  • Forshadowing, he doesnt just mess up her hair, but his life.


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Conversation with lennie part 9

Page numbers : 127-128

Quotes: "You'll muss it" "She cried angrily" "She jerked her head sideways" "Let go" "She cried" "She struggled violently" "She writhed to be free" "She continued to struggle" "her eyes were wild with terror"


  • She doesnt like being controlled
  • She doesnt like people not doing as she said
  • She wants to be free from her life (could argue her death was a good thing)
  • She was scared.

Other notes:

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  • She starts of being viewed as a ****
  • The guys have a bad impression of her and so do the reader because we dont know her yet
  • She dresses very simply, but tries to look as pretty as she can with what she has
  • She gets annoyed that no-body will talk to her
  • Shes not as stupid as you would expect
  • She voices her opions and doesn't feel good enough, yet she know she could have been
  • She abuses what power she has as a female. (old rankings male- female- black people)
  • She gets offended and upset that no one will talk to her
  • She doesnt really like curley
  • She spies Lenny as the weak one
  • She talks to him because he's the only one who will listen
  • She understands him, and him her
  • She takes pride in her appearnce, and wish she had more
  • She resents her mum for stopping her
  • She doesnt like someone having control over her so strugles
  • She dies.
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