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Of Mice and Men
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» George
» Candy
» Curly
» Curly's wife
» Carlson
» Crooks
» Slim
» The boss
» Whit
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Lennie is disabled. He comes to the ranches with his
carer and his best friend George. Throughout the story
he kills animals and they get bigger. He then kills Curly's
wife after she arrives and see's the killed puppy. He
then gets killed by George.
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George is a carer of Lennie. He promised Lennie's Aunt Clara
that he'll take care of him. Although he's with Lennie he
sometimes feels lonely. He maybe a carer of Lennie but
sometimes he doesn't stick up for him- such as when Lennie
and Curly get into a fight and he doesn't get involved so
Lennie ends up crushing his hand. After Curly and the other
ranch workers find Curly's wife dead, George goes to find
Lennie and shoots him instead of Curly killing him.
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Candy is the eldest ranch worker. He has a dog that is
old and crippled like him. Candy's hand was cut off in an
accident, leaving him with only one hand. His dog was
old, crippled and smelly, so he got shot by some of the
other ranch workers, when he was shot he felt lonely,
because he had lost his best friend.
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Curly is the son of the boss at the ranches. He is
married to the only woman in the story. He wears a
glove full of Vaseline to keep it soft to touch up his wife.
He gets into a fight with Lennie causing his hand to
break. He doesn't let his wife near other guys because
she is the only woman at the ranches therefore they
think she may cheat on him with other men.
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